Access the Advantages of Austin Sales

As a leading independent distributor of industrial explosives, Austin Sales has the expertise, experience, and economies of scale to offer many benefits to your coal mining, quarry, or construction operation.


Your business can leverage the purchasing power of Austin Sales. Through our high utilization, we achieve volume discounts on explosives — discounts that we, in turn, pass along to you.

Savings Your business will also:
  • Save money by outsourcing, rather than hiring explosives experts.
  • Cut the expense of purchasing special equipment.
  • Eliminate facilities costs because we store the explosives and manage a vast inventory for you.

Extensive Inventory

Minimize your need for internal inventory and storage when you rely on Austin Sales to deliver a full range of high-quality explosives. Austin Sales accommodates your standard needs and also custom orders for your project. Furthermore, our electronic inventory system allows us to quickly access the history of your orders to provide you a record of products and deliveries. You’ll be able to submit new orders or reconcile costs in no time.

Extensive Inventory Our comprehensive product portfolio will help you complete your coal mining, quarry, or construction project:
  • Ammonium nitrate
  • Initiation/detonation systems (permissible and non-permissible)
  • Underground blasting explosives (permissible and non-permissible)
  • Emulsion blends

Dependable Service

Austin Sales has a longstanding track record of accommodating the unique needs of our clients. We have a vast, dedicated fleet of vehicles ready to deliver the necessary products to coal mining, quarry, and construction companies — even in the most remote areas. With strategically located storage magazines in Vansant, Virginia and Hazard, Kentucky, we are able to get explosives to you the same day.

Dependable Service We also offer:
  • On-site storage facilities
  • Customized delivery schedules
  • Special equipment
  • Access to materials for the life of your project